A Guide To Treating Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain With Night Splints

night-splint-plantar-fasciitisAcute pain around the base of the heel is often referred to as plantar fasciitis. This condition derives it name from the plantar fascia, a thick layer of tissue that surrounds the base of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes to create one functioning unit. People may start to feel pain in this region if this tissue becomes inflamed or damaged. Most people who have this condition feel the pain most intensely during the morning hours and notice the pain lessening throughout the day as the muscle becomes more relaxed. However, the pain may return if the individual has been standing or sitting for an extensive period of time. One way to avoid morning pain is to purchase a night splint for plantar fasciitis.

An Introduction to Night Splints

Night splints are similar to an ankle brace, but they are worn only during sleeping hours. People who use these splints don’t have to worry about looking unprofessional at work or violating some dress code standard. Some people have tried to wear braces for plantar fasciitis during the day time only to find that it violates a safety and health protocol at work. Combined with other pain alleviating techniques, night splints can be one of the best solutions for this problem.
Many physicians consider a night splint to be a standard method of treatment for plantar fasciitis. Since night splints are adjustable, they can adhere to patients of any size or stature and provide fairly consistent results over an allotted period of time. However, some doctors might advise other pain-alleviating methods to combine with night splint usage to help people manage their pain better during the day. Some of these treatment methods include:

If possible, people with this condition should rest their feet regularly.
Orthotic shoe inserts help reduce stress on inflamed tissue and should be worn daily.
Patients should bring ice packs with them to work to help during more painful episodes or spasms.
Contrast baths, or baths that involve alternating hot and cold water, are helpful for reducing pain.
Physical therapy or slight muscle stretching can alleviate harsh symptoms.

Doctors may prescribe pain medication in severe cases, but most physicians will recommend that their patients take simple pain relievers, such as Ibuprofen or aspirin, for comfort. Other people have also recommended non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help with symptoms of inflammation. NSAIDs can come in the form of an applicable cream that individuals can apply to the sore tissue making NSAIDs a viable option for people who want to avoid taking frequent oral forms of medication.

The Therapeutic Quality of Night Splits

A plantar fasciitis night splint helps manage pain by gently stretching the plantar fascia tissue and the Achilles tendon. The shape of the unit and slight pressure applied by the split also makes this device an accurate way to treat Achilles tendinopathy. The constant strain provided by the splint reduces the stress on the tissue that would normally be incurred if sleeping in a normal, relaxed position. The structure of the splint keeps the muscles from contracting while a person sleeps.
After a few months of nightly usage, many people are able to stop using splints every night, because their painful symptoms dissipate. Unfortunately, however, many people become annoyed by the lack of immediate results and stop using the night splint altogether after a few short weeks. It’s important for people with this condition to realize that night splints are a passive treatment option. They help patients avoid expensive surgeries and do not provide overnight results. Nonetheless, a physician should perform a follow-up assessment after about two weeks of wearing a night splint to see if the therapy treatment has been productive or if the splint needs to be adjusted for optimal results.

Night Splints Purchase Tips and Cost

A night split doesn’t have to be expensive or purchased from a pharmacy where the products have been marked up due to local inflation or store sales requirements. Splints can be purchased brand new online for less than $25 at retailers like Amazon. Aside from pricing, the other benefit to buying online is being able to read through a collection of plantar fasciitis night splint reviews to see what other people with the same condition think about the product overall.
One of the biggest reasons that patients abandon their night splint is due to noticeable discomfort while sleeping. Consumers should look at the comments carefully and search for any clue words, such as “clumsy” or “relief,” that might help them make a smarter purchase decision. The darco night splint is one popular option for many people. This dorsal night splint has been modified to fit any foot size. Its adjustable toe strap, low profile design, and elastic connector ring give the product a high user satisfaction rating. Furthermore, many people have noted fantastic results after using the Darco model over an extended period of time.
While purchasing the right model is crucial, it’s important for users to remember that patience and consistency are two of the most imperative aspects to achieving prolonged relief. Communicating with a physician on a regular basis, using night splints, and taking proper orthotic care of one’s feet are imperative for healing.

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