Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve Review

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Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition associated with the foot and its surrounding areas. It can become near impossible to walk normally without feeling some form of pain and/or discomfort. There are many solutions on the market to reduce the effect of this condition, but only a select few that are able to do the trick.

Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is a product aimed to assist those dealing with this condition and promises to secure the foot and reduce the amount of irritation being felt. This in-depth review of the product will take a glance at the pros and cons associated with using this solution for plantar fasciitis.

Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve image

Eases Pain

The number one reason for getting the sleeve is to reduce the amount of pain being felt through the heel. After all, there is no point in a treatment option that is not effective in reducing the pain being felt.

This is why it is essential to make sure the sleeve is put on as quickly as possible to reduce the inflammation and pain piercing through the heel area.

Secures Foot

One of the reasons for this sleeve doing the trick is in how secure it makes the foot. The reason for the foot remain pain free is because the sleeve wraps around it and makes sure it does not falter under pressure.

With plantar fasciitis, it is imperative for the treatment option to reduce the stress being put on the foot. Many patients will simply look to stop walking, but this is not always reasonable. Thus, a quality sleeve can go a long way in making sure the foot is secure as one is walking.

This is a sleeve that does a wonderful job of securing the foot and making sure it does not wilt and cause excruciating pain after one walks.

Quality Material

With this sleeve, the quality of the material is noticeable right away. The manufacturing and design behind the sleeve is second to none because the materials are designed to cushion the heel.

One’s foot will be thanking them everything time a step is taken. It is amazingly soft on the feet and ankle, which is great for the skin and foot in general.

The materials are exceptional and the brand should be applauded for how well put together the sleeve is.

24/7 Use Without Trouble

Many treatment options such as these sleeves can start to fail after the day starts to progress. They are fine for the first few hours of use, but tend to become suffocating after a longer period is spent wearing them.

This sleeve is designed to allow room for breathing, while keeping the foot secure in place as one walks.

This is impressive as most sleeves are simply not wearable as the day progresses and it becomes imperative to sit down and just take them off. With this sleeve, it is not necessary as they can be work throughout the day without a worry.

Can Be Used For Running/Jogging

For most individuals with plantar fasciitis, it becomes a frightening thought to get up and start running. The fear of pain starts jogging through one’s mind instead.

The best part about this sleeve is how well it is designed to make sure one can even get up and start jogging without feeling pain.

The sleeve will keep the foot secure and in place as one is running or jogging. This is a massive benefit for those who are worried about moving from place to place and getting hurt.


Any product of this kind has to remain durable not only for the safety of the patient, but to ensure a new one does not have to be bought. No one wants to spend unnecessary funds on purchasing new socks again and again.

This is why it is important to test the durability of this sleeve and how it matches up in comparison to everything else out there. This is one of the better sleeves on the market because of how durable it is along with the other benefits. It is just the perfect package of efficiency that is required for someone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Improves Circulation

The blood flow can start to become restricted as a sleeve is put on and this has been the case with many other products of the same ilk.

It becomes near impossible to wear the sleeve without starting to feel numbness and that is an absolute negative.

Yet, with this sleeve the circulation is improved as the foot stays secure and the blood is allowed to flow freely to aid the healing process.

This is the exact opposite of other options and is a major win for the team and its patented design for the sleeve.

Not Enough Sleeves (Con)

As with any product, it can never be flawless as there is always something to remain wary of. With this one, the con comes in the form of there not being enough sleeves in each package.

While, this is not an issue for those searching for a short-term solution, it can become a problem for those who want to continually change into newer sleeves.

This is a quality product, but one that should perhaps have more sleeves available for the patient during their recovery process as they desired a change from time to time.


What is the final standing with Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve Review? This is an excellent product and should be purchased by anyone searching for a quality, proven solution.

This is will get the job done and then some. Sure, it does not have a lot of sleeves in one package, but it is still mighty effective.

Not only is the sleeve effective, but it is made out of durable material that will last for a long time regardless of how much stress is being put on the material.

The design is wonderful and it feels as if one is walking on a cloud as they put it on. Exceptional product and a must buy for anyone serious about their treatment.

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