General Update

Do you feel pain at the bottom of your heel? If you’re a runner or an athlete, then the most likely cause is plantar fasciitis (pronounced as fashee-EYE-tiss). It’s the most common cause of heel pain, and about 2 million patients are treated with this condition every year. That’s quite a lot of people searching [...]

Trends in Plantar Fasciitis Research

Truth be told, there really isn’t much going on in plantar fasciitis research, because that’s not where the public’s attention is focused on. Billions of dollars are being spent on various research studies for AIDS, because it’s a fatal disease that cuts across age, racial, and sexual demographics. A lot of money is being poured [...]

Problems That Mimic Plantar Fasciitis

Ever since running became a worldwide phenomenon, many have become familiar with plantar fasciitis. It’s a very common condition, and if you feel pain under your heel then there’s a big chance it’s plantar fasciitis. But about a third of pains similar to plantar fasciitis is not attributed to this condition at all. Plantar fasciitis [...]

Plantar Fasciitis Myths: Fact or Fantasy

There was a time not so long ago when hardly anyone outside the medical community had heard of plantar fasciitis. Today, it’s becoming well-known. The running community has grown, which also increases the number of patients with plantar fasciitis. It’s also becoming prevalent in the food service sector, as food servers and other people who [...]

Plantar Fasciitis in Children

Many have noted how plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes heel pain has become prevalent among certain segments of the population. It’s especially common in older people. Studies have looked into incidence reports involving soldiers and wait staff in the food and service industries. Athletes and runners are also more susceptible to this condition. But [...]

Plantar Fasciitis and Depression

Do you feel some pain under your heel? If so, then there’s a 70% chance you have plantar fasciitis. Under your feet there’s a ligament called the planar fascia, and its main function is to support the arch of your feet while it also works to absorb impact when you walk, run, or jump. When [...]

Massage Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can cause a lot of pain in your heel, and that can make it difficult for you to stand up and walk normally. There are several ways of relieving the pain, and normally your doctor will suggest that you take pain relief medications. But many people are now discovering that it may be [...]

When you play sports regularly, it’s a pretty good bet that sooner or later you’ll develop an injury. Ankle ligament strains top the list as the most common injury during sports games and training, as they account for 15% of all injuries. Aside from it, other possible injuries include plantar fasciitis, which explains the importance [...]

Essential Oils and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot disorder and this condition can make it very difficult for you to walk. It’s caused by the inflammation of a band of tissue (called the plantar fascia) and often your doctor may recommend foot massage therapy to treat it. A massage has proven very helpful in reducing pain and [...]

If you’re like most people, you try to avoid pain as much as possible. But at some point you’ll have to deal with itespecially when you’re a runner and you develop plantar fasciitis. This is the most common cause of heel pain, affecting as many as 10% of runners, other athletes, and workers like food [...]